Draytek Vigor blues

Draytek used to have top technology, way in the past. But nowadays I keep bumping into trouble.

A few years ago I had a new Ziggo internet connection at home with, at the time, a super speed of 120 Mbit/s. It was so fast, I was super happy. After installation I found that Ziggo does not provide fixed ip addresses on the super fast access. The only route they have is a much more expensive business option.

I decided to go the other route of dual wan setup because I still had my old and trusty adsl connection with fixed ip.

I then went looking for a device which has dual wan capability and the option of fast internet access. My choices were very limited and I came up with the Draytek Vigor 2920.

After some initial setup troubles (every router has these) I managed to get it up and running nicely. For many years it ran without flaw.

Recently though my connection was becoming slower and slower. Sometimes timeouts would occur. I hooked up my laptop behind the vigor and bang speed to the max.

I updated firmware to latest version, no luck..

It seems the device is “out of support”.

Well, no choice but to upgrade to a new dual wan device. In comes the Cisco RV042G. After install I immediately had super speed, but what a hassle to configure everything..

I setup port forwarding and protocol rules to make sure smtp traffic is processed to the correct route. But to no avail I just cannot get these rules, ports and firewall working together.

Maybe swap the Cisco for a new Draytek vigor, I don’t think so…..

Only one option left…. Scrap the dual wan setup. Will make life so much easier!

Will go for hosted email and website, be gone dual wan setup. Your making my tech life too complicated.